NewYorkBIO in the News

May 2, 2016

Innovative Drug Therapies Help Cut Costs of Healthcare 

By Nathan Tinker, Executive Director, NewYorkBIO

"Elected officials in Albany and Washington are falling over each other to prove who is going to "drive down" the costs of prescription drugs. But they are missing a key point: innovative biopharmaceuticals reduce overall health care costs and improve the lives of millions of people every day. . . ."



March 9, 2016 

Comments on GMO Labeling


... "This isn’t the time to be trying to pass this type of legislation in New York,” said Nathan Tinker, Executive Director of NewYorkBIO. "With the uncertainty around the Vermont legislation, and a likely federal solution to the issue, our lawmakers should focus on issues that will have a positive impact and not on mandates that send a negative message about the value we place on science and the biotech industry in our state.” ...  



 December 18, 2015 

Tax breaks to lift area medical device businesses

... To Nathan Tinker, executive director of the New York Biotechnology Association, the tax freeze will encourage investors to contribute to early- and middle-stage research and developments. Ultimately, he said, the tax freeze paves an "easier path" to get products to patients. "Getting this tax repealed has been something we've been working on for three years now," he said. ... 


May 18, 2015 

Labeling undercuts bioscience

 ... The recent push to attach warning labels to any food product that has been modified by modern genetic engineering techniques is simply bad policy - it purposefully ignores decades of research and will set New York apart as newly and uniquely hostile to scientific consensus . . . 



May 5, 2015 

 Big Apple Biotech "Bootstraps” Forward at NewYorkBIO Annual Meeting

 ... A theme emerged that permeated the meeting, which brought together the entrepreneurs, investors, government agencies, and others on the front lines of life sciences in New York: this is a boostrapping biotech community, and it has to be to claw its way forward. . . . 





May 15, 2014 

Will Boston and San Francisco continue to dominate biotech innovation?

... According to Nathan Tinker, Executive Director of New York BIO, the City is replete with skilled workers in the biotech industry, 79,000 at last count. But what is lacking, according to him, are the serial entrepreneurs who are essential to building a large and robust biotech community. This is an experience level that no one else can replace." ...






February 4, 2013 

Taxes by any other name?


... "It imposes a new tax, essentially, on biomedical and pharmaceutical companies manufacturing in New York state," said Nathan Tinker, executive director of the New York State Biotechnology Association. "Companies manufacture in the state because they want to be here. It seems odd to me to tax them for wanting to help build New York's life-science industry." ...