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Breakfast Series: Craig H. Lipset

Former Head of Clinical Innovation, Pfizer
Founder, Clinical Innovation Partners LLC

Breakfast Series: Dr. Irfan Khan

Founder & CEO, Circuit Clinical

Breakfast Series:

Stan Kachnowski, Ph.D. MPA CSEP

Chair, HITLab

Breakfast Series:

Chris Garabedian

Founder, Chairman & CEO, Xontogeny

Breakfast Series:

Barbara Murphy

Chair, Department of Medicine
Dean, Clinical Integration and Population Health
Mt. Sinai Health System

Breakfast Series:

Dr. Ethan Weiss

UCSF Cardiovascular Research Institute

Breakfast Series:

Mary Howard

Program Director, ELabNYC


Josep Bassaganya-Riera, Ph.D.

Chairman, President & CEO, Landos Biopharma