2017 New York State Policy Agenda

As the only statewide association in New York dedicated solely to the issues of the bioscience industry, NewYorkBIO urges legislators to support the industry by focusing on issues that will create a better business climate that will allow companies at all stages of development to grow and succeed. NewYorkBIO is committed to policies that ensure patient access to the innovative therapies, devices and diagnostics that are being developed by the many bioscience companies across New York.





1) Oppose Efforts to Mandate Price Controls On Biopharmaceutical Products


NewYorkBIO strongly opposes Part D of the Health and Mental Hygiene Article VII budget proposal.  This proposal would allow the state to impose draconian price controls on all pharmaceuticals sold in New York and thereby disincentivize innovative drug makers from offering their products in the New York market. Most importantly, it would stifle the development of innovative therapies that target some of the most challenging and debilitating diseases in our lifetime.   Unfortunately, this proposal represents one of the most aggressive interventions into the functioning of the bioscience industry.  Ironically, the State of New York stands to lose the most from such a proposal because it has one of the largest bioscience sectors in the country.  It would be akin to the State of Iowa passing legislation that would harm the corn industry nationwide.



2) Support Gov. Cuomo's New York Life Science Initiative

NewYorkBIO welcomes the Governor’s support for the life sciences, and since the announcement of this initiative has solicited feedback from our membership regarding how the various provisions within the proposal would affect our ability to research, develop, and commercialize life-saving technologies in the Empire State.



3) Support Smart Biosimilar Legislation Promoting Patient Safety

NewYorkBIO believes that a sound policy in New York outlining parameters for safe substitution of interchangeable biologics is the best option to ensure patients have access to high-quality, safe, and effective biologic medicines. NewYorkBIO’s core concerns are to safeguard patient safety and the primacy of the physician-patient relationship, recognizing that treating physicians and their patients are in the best position to determine appropriate therapies. We believe that the FDA will develop appropriate standards for the approval of safe biosimilar and interchangeable biologic products in order to best protect patient safety. To ensure transparency and communication between patients and their treatment teams, however, NewYorkBIO also believes that certain safeguards should guide substitution policies for interchangeable biologics under state law as well.


4) Protect Patient Safety and Foster Access to Innovative Therapeutics and Devices

Patients in the U.S. are offered the latest and best medicines because our national policies have fostered innovation and ensured that patients can benefit from this innovation. This is not the case in many countries. It is important that New York reflect this commitment to innovation by ensuring that State programs and policies do not unduly limit a patient’s ability to receive, in consultation with their doctors, the best therapies and devices for him or her.  For instance, NewYorkBIO supports legislation that would set forth parameters regarding the safe substitution of interchangeable biologics.


5) Support Full Funding of Innovation Investment Fund

Several years ago, New York created a state-sponsored fund to make monies available to selected investment entities to increase the amount of seed stage investment capital available to high technology small businesses in New York.  We urge full funding and continued support of this strategic program.  Moreover, New York should look for other ways to encourage investment in pre-commercialization-phase startup companies in New York. 


6) Maintain a Supportive Regulatory Environment in New York State

In order to maintain leadership as a location for the bioscience industry to flourish, NewYorkBIO recommends that the Legislature refrain from passing legislation that adds unduly burdensome regulation to the bioscience industry.  In particular, we oppose state regulation of matters that are ultimately governed by an existing federal regulatory structure.  Moreover, NewYorkBIO opposes measures that inhibit the ability of researchers to perform clinical trials in the state, restrict marketing, or proscribe continuing medical education programming.  Similarly, NewYorkBIO opposes price controls or similar measures, and supports fair reimbursement rates for drugs and devices that are the result of bioscience research. NewYorkBIO also opposes any weakening or elimination of drug re-importation laws.