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Immunyx Pharma


Immunyx Pharma is focused on changing the landscape of immunotherapy by modulating neutrophil toxicity in numerous chronic diseases. The company was built by world leaders in neutrophil biology and nanoparticle delivery to use a targeted neutrophil nanoparticle platform (TENNs) to solve the significant issues in neutrophil therapy. While big pharma has invested heavily in neutrophil targeted drugs, they have failed to bring solutions to the clinic due to the danger of causing neutropenia and the difficulty of modulating such a large & dynamic population of cells. Our TENN platform is intended to manipulate neutrophil toxic behavior without destroying their disease fighting function, while bringing a concentrated payload of drug to all neutrophils throughout the body with a long bioavailability. We are currently focusing on applying our platform to modulate neutrophil activity in cancer and inflammatory disease.

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